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  • Access the results of our monthly surveys of thousands of companies and consumers
  • Get a unique insight into macro, industry and consumer sentiment across China
Examine the on-the ground reality behind the macro data

Explore hundreds of survey questions covering all aspects of the Chinese economy

Get early warnings of key inflection points

Create tables and graphs of the survey results

Assess brand preference across a range of consumer goods

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Proprietary data to help you navigate the Chinese economy

The FT Confidential Research Database gives investors an on-the-ground presence in one of the world's most important markets. Our monthly surveys of companies and individuals give you the benefits of grassroots research without the cost of running a grassroots team. Our proprietary data spans the Chinese economy, and covers:

Consumer sentiment


Freight activity

Real estate

Key features

  • Easy access to the thousands of survey results we generate each month
  • Browse all of the historical data from our surveys
  • Chart data to easily spot inflection points
  • Filter data by key metrics such as region or income group
  • Download data as a frequency table or export the raw survey data